Phillip phibr0 Bronzel

I am Phillip 👋. A (soon to become) computer-science student from Germany. I started programming around the age of 13 in 7th grade, when building an Arduino project for a competition, and didn't stop ever since.

Almost all of my new projects are open-source and publicly available on GitHub. Scroll down, and I will show you some!

Obsidian Dictionary Integration

Obsidian Dictionary is an Extension for the Obsidian Editor.

  • Over 42k Users
  • Extensible by Design to accommodate multiple definition providers in now over 12 languages
  • Seamless integration into Obsidian's note-taking workflows, using a handy synonym popover and a detailed sidebar
  • Made using TypeScript and Svelte
Obsidian Dictionary Screenshot

Obsidian Community Library

The Obsidian Community Library, is a npm package to help simplify the plugin development process for newcomers to the Obsidian ecosystem.

  • Includes frequently used functions to replace plugin boilerplate
  • I wrote automated Unit-Tests using Jest
  • Made using TypeScript


phibr0.txt is my personal blog, where I share ideas, progress and other interesting things

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Lets you scan labels on fruits & vegetables, to receive easily understandable information about their meaning.

  • School research project of 2020/2021 on neural networks and the mathematics behind image classification
  • Using a custom trained CNN for image classification
  • Made using Dart & Flutter, Python & TensorFlow
  • Published on Google Play
Labelcheck App Screenshot

And much more!

Check out my GitHub, LinkedIn, or email me!